Why Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware has been around for 3000 years and is seeing a resurgence in popularity as an attractive long lasting alternative to today’s mass consumer disposable pans.

cast iron

Long lasting

Premium cast iron cookware is extremely durable and will last for decades with proper care.

oigen tapas pan

Heats evenly and efficiently

Cast iron is an excellent conductor of heat with much better heat retention than stainless steel, copper or aluminium. As a result, less energy is need to cook in cast iron saving you money on energy bills.

tapas pan

Non-stick without the teflon coating

Cast iron rivals the qualities of non-stick coated cookware, after proper seasoning. Great for your waistline as you’ll use less oil and far less frustrating as food slides in and out with ease. Plus no flaky non-stick coating ending up in your food.

oigen cast iron pot

Multiple heat sources

Cast iron cookware is incredibly versatile. It can be used on gas, electric, ceramic and even induction hobs as well as directly over a log or coal fire.

steak - oigen - pan

Safe at high temperatures

Its ability to withstand high temperatures makes it an excellent choice for frying or searing or roasting. Oven safe at temperatures well above what is considered safe for non-stick coated pans. It’s natural heat retention makes it a great good choice for slow cooking as well.

oigen pan

Restaurant quality

Cast iron pans are widely used by professional chefs due to their robustness and ability to withstand high temperatures. The result: Well seared meat and veg that’s both crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside.

cast iron nabe pot


Metal, silicon and wooden utensils are all fine to use. No enamel or non-stick coating to scratch off.