Why Oigen

cast iron rice pot

Handmade Sustainable Cookware From Japan

  • Oigen cookware will last two generations with proper care
  • 100% recyclable at end of life
  • Produced sustainably without environmentally harmful chemicals
  • Time and energy efficient with superior heat conductivity and retention
  • Made of 70% – 75% recycled iron
cast iron nabe pot

Heirloom Pans

Designed to last a lifetime we hope you pass on your Oigen pans to the next generation along with your favourite recipes and memories.

cast iron griddle

Non-Stick Healthy Safe Cookware

Made from premium cast iron and sustainable processes, no PFOAs or PFTEs, Oigen cookware is safe for you and your family.
Many teflon coated pans lose their non-stick-ability from heating at temperatures higher than 250C. Leave a teflon coated pan to heat up for too long and the non-stick properties will quickly diminish.
Simply season your Oigen cast iron pan with oil and vegetables and your cookware will provide you with decades of healthy cooking.

oyaji no teppanyaki

High Temperature Cooking

Oigen cookware is powerful, enabling you to cook at high temperatures on the stovetop, campfire and in the oven. Get restaurant quality frying and roasting.
Heatsafe up to 500 degrees celsius. (Most non-stick coated pans should not be used higher than 250 degrees).

sustainable cookware

Sustainable Living

Oigen cookware is 100% recyclable at end of life and made of 70-75% recycled iron. Designed to last a lifetime, Oigen cookware is the perfect choice for sustainable living.